Knitting – Custom Sock Pattern from your measurements

Click here to download spreadsheet

This is an excel spreadsheet where you can put in your measurements and get a custom sock pattern to print from excel.

Currently the pattern is for top-down with a heal flap and gusset in a stockinette stitch.

Plans for enhancements

These plans may or may not be done, depending on any feedback I get or if I am in need of one of them for a pair of socks I am working on.

  • Stitch count adjustment for patterns: Adjustments to stitch counts and where to do pattern vs stockinette based on a pattern gauge and repeat size. This will be useful for lace or cable patterns where gauge is different.
  • Top-Up sock version
  • Different heal flap stitch patterns
  • making this an online tool – this will be last as I want all calculations to be tried and true.
  • suggested measurements for crew, shortie, and calf length and common sizes


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