Twill for your Team

One of our specialties is Tackle Twill for your team. 

With custom twill decorating, your team will have the professional team look without the National team budget requirement.

What is Twill?

Twill is a fabric that is used in many major sport team uniforms to add a large number and name to the uniform. The most familiar uses are for Major League Baseball uniform team names and numbers and National Hockey League team logos, names, and numbers.

a logo in Twill on a split front Jersey

What is the difference between Zig-Zag and Satin Stitching?

Zig-Zag stitching is the normal stitching used on the professional uniforms to hold down the twill in a matching thread color to the twill. It is a back and forth stitch that allows you to see the edge of the twill while still holding it securely.

Satin stitching is similar to Zig-Zag but the stitches are much closer together and completely cover the edge of the twill with thread.

zig-zag close up
satin stitch close up

What Colors are available?

White, Red, Black, Royal, Gold, Navy, Grey, Kelly, Orange, Maroon, Purple, Columbia, Cardinal, Dark Green, Pink, Old Gold, Tennessee Orange, Shark Teal, Maize, Cream, Dark Royal, Devil Red, Vegas Gold, Brown, Light Gold.

your logo can come alive with twill



Twill Pricing

For Customer Supplied Garments; discounted if we supply the garment.

$.41 per vertical inch to supply twill and laser cutting

$7.20 to Zig-Zag stitch on numbers; $14.40 for Satin stitch

$12.00 to Zig-Zag stitch on Names or logos; $24.00 for satin stitching.


How to calculate the number of inches for pricing


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