How to measure for Tackle Twill

Tackle Twill is the fabric used to decorate the uniforms of professional teams.

The Twill is cut by a laser so that the edges will not fray and then we stitch the twill to the garment to give it a complete professional look.

To calculate the number of inches to use in the pricing calculations you will need to know

  1. If this is a Name or Number or Logo
  2. The height of the Name, Number, or Logo
  3. If it is a name, whether or not it is arched
  4. The number of colors of twill (one to three)


Names - Straight across


use the height x the number of colors

a 4" name x 1 color = 4"
a 4" name x 3 colors = 12"

Names - Arched

add 2" to the height of the lettering to accomodate the arch

a 4" name + 2" x 1 color = 6"
a 4" name + 2" x 2 colors = 12"

Names with tails or logos

use actual height x number of colors

7" tall x 1 color = 7"

Numbers up to 2" tall

Numbers are a bit trickier, only because we can get multiple numbers from an inch of material so you get a better rate on smaller numbers

use 1/2" x 1 color = 1/2"

Numbers 3" to 8" tall

Use height of number minus 2"

(8" number - 2") x 1 color = use 6"

Numbers 9" tall or larger

use height of number

9" number x 1 color = use 9"


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