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Diamond Award - Medium Laser Engraveable Products - Diamond Plaque Awards <br>Blue or Gold Mirrored Base
Clear Acrylic Star Award

LS4-3; 7" $34.99 with laser engraving

Acrylic Diamond Award
Classic style and elegance! The Diamond Award has a smooth, professional look with its highly polished edges and base. Made from thick, cast acrylic

7" x 9" $86.95
8" x 11" $98.95

Diamond Plaque Awards
Blue or Gold Mirrored Base
This impressive award, crafted from polished cast acrylic, has a beveled diamond cut plaque which rests freely on reflective posts. Light is reflected handsomely as it strikes the inset blue or gold mirrored base. The Diamond Plaque Award is engraved in a crisp white color for excellent contrast and is available in three sizes: 11x10, 11x11 or 11x12 inches.

small: $89.95
medium: $95.85
large: $104.95
Star Award -Small Octagon Award - 7 inch Laser Engraveable Products - Reflective Awards
Star award
The Star Award is hand finished from cast acrylic stock for a frosty white engraving.

Small 5" x 5.75": $29.75
Medium 6" x 6.75": $44.50
Large 7" x 7.75": $56.75

Octagon Award
Any message or artwork will look wonderful on this award. The highly polished, smooth angles make it ideal for any special event or professional dedication

7": $80.50
8": $83.95

Reflective Awards
Crafted from polished clear cast acrylic, the Reflective Awards, faceted at the top and sides, have a gold or blue ripple bottom which reflect the light in a stunning fashion. The Reflective Awards are available in small or large sizes in both the gold or blue foil.

AME-077 small Blue $36.95
AME-079 small Gold $36.95
AME-078 large Blue $59.95
AME-080 large Gold $59.95

Border Plaque - Blue - 7 x 9 Laser Engraveable Products - Frosted Mountain Awards Laser Engraveable Products - Acrylic Cracked Ice Award
Border Plaques
Any message or artwork will look wonderful on this plaque. The contrasting white on the colored marble make it ideal for any special event or professional dedication.

7x9 $29.50
8x10 $31.50


Frosted Mountain Award
The Frosted Mountain Award is an impressive addition to any award case. Available in small, medium or large, this award is crafted from thick cast acrylic and arrives with two base pieces which elegantly mimic the rugged top of the award. The base pieces are a polished black acrylic providing a beautifully finished award.

small 5" x 6.5"  $31.95
medium 5.75'x8" $41.95
large 6.75"x10.25" $49.95

Acrylic Cracked Ice Award
A brilliant and unique award. The cracked ice edges reflect the light and your award will dazzle. Available in 6 inch and 7 inch sizes and includes a polished base.

6" - $29.95
8" - $38.75


Laser Engraveable Products - Fusion Awards Laser Engraveable Products - Peak Awards Laser Engraveable Products - Star Tower Awards with Mirrored Base
Fusion Awards
These  are polished clear cast acrylic with a unique fused texture creating a three dimensional award. The acrylic engraves a bright white color providing excellent contrast against the black background and the fused color is a wonderful framing element for your award.  The award has a polished black acrylic base and comes in 3 sizes in gold or blue.

Small 5.5" x 6.5": $47.95
Medium 5.5" x 7.25" $50.95
Large 5.5" x 8.25" $54.95

Peak Awards
The Acrylic Peak says prestige, yet simplistic. This classic design is wonderful for any occasion. Available in 3 different sizes and features a walnut base.
Cut and hand polished 3/4 inch acrylic makes a stately presence..

Small 4.25" x 7.25": $23.95
Medium 4.5" x 9.25": $28.50
Large 4.75" x 11.25": $35.85

Star Tower Awards with Mirrored Base
The Star Tower Awards, available with a blue or gold mirrored base for elegant light reflection, are a stunning addition to any award collection. Crafted from polished cast acrylic, the Star Tower Awards are engraved with a crisp white color for excellent contrast.
The Star Tower Awards are 3.5 x 2 inches and available in three heights: 6, 8 and 10 inches.

Small: $86.95
Medium: $101.95
Large: $116.95

Laser Engraveable Products - Acrylic Desk Plaque Award Laser Engraveable Products - Acrylic Marble Image Award Laser Engraveable Products - Acrylic Pyramids and Wedges
Acrylic Desk Plaque Award
Great-looking beveled edges with a black background for added contrast when engraving photos or text. Makes a perfect desk top gift or special award.

4" x 5": $20.95 with engraving

Acrylic Marble Image Award
Modern marble finish with gold accents create a beautiful gift or award.
Available in the rich colors of red, gray or blue marble. Includes a polished acrylic base

$32.85 with laser engraving


Acrylic Pyramids and Wedges
Acrylic Pyramids and Wedges sparkle with brilliance and quality. Cast acrylic for with frosty white engraving and precision machined and polished for outstanding quality.
The colored bases reflect deep, saturated colors which contrast perfectly with the laser engraved message or logo.
Available in two distinct sizes and black, gold, red and blue base colors.

4" Pyramid: $59.95
6" Pyramid: $103.95
3" x 3" Wedge: $37.94
4" x 4" Wedge: $50.95

Laser Engraveable Products - Wedge Facet Award Laser Engraveable Products - Marble Plaques with Stands Laser Engraveable Products - Pinnacle Award
Wedge Facet Award
Elegantly crafted from thick acrylic, the Wedge Facet Award is perfect for corporate customers.

Hand polished, beveled edges reflect the rich color of the rippled base. The self standing award is available in blue or gold and in two sizes.

Small 5" x 7" x 1.25": $48.75
Large 6" x 9" x 1.25": $65.75
Marble Plaque with Stand
These high quality jet black Marble Plaques, arrive with stands for easy table-top placement in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Perfect as executive awards or for hallmarking personal milestones, these Marble Plaques have a classic elegance.
Laser engraving directly on the marble reveals a frosty white color.

5x7: $44.95
8x10: $74.95

Pinnacle Award
The impressive Pinnacle Award is a statement in achievement. Polished black marble with tapered sides and beveled top engraved in a frosty white color for an appealing contrast.
Size: 2 x 2 x 8 inches

$38.95 with 1 side laser engraving