Leave Me In Stitches has the ability to set up a company store for your organization.

To see a sample site, type the word "sample" in the company code box.

What we need to get started:

  • Your embroidered logo and rules kept on file with Leave Me In Stitches
  • Choice of payment plan 1 or 2 from below
  • Promise of $500 annual purchase minimum to maintain web store and discount schedule

Logo Rules: we will work with you to ensure that your rules for your logo are as you specify.

  • What garment colors are allowed? Some companies would like to just have Red or Green garments available because they work best with their company logos. Others prefer that all colors be made available and have different color combinations suitable for stitching on different colors.
  • What color(s) should we stitch your logo? Whether you always wish to have the same colors stitched or a different combination for light or dark garments, we can keep this information on file.
Payment Plan Options: We have two different programs to choose from for qualifying organizations:
  • Plan 1 - 20% off regular prices for garments and embroidery with company Purchase Orders or company payment. Your employees get a greater discount because we have less individual billing processes.
  • Plan 2 - 15% off regular prices for garments and embroidery with individual employee payments. No company accounting involvement required with this option, we accept PayPal on the site and your employees can call us to pay with other options.
Minimum Purchase Requirement:
  • We only ask that the total purchases from your Company are at least $500 per year. For this we will maintain the online store, keep your logo on file and rules up to date. If your logo changes, we will make the associated changes to your store.
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