Instructions for the quote page entry for Leave Me In Stitches personel, Distributors, and Commission sales associates.

Version 2.2

Please report any errors in calculations to the store so corrections can be made ASAP. Accuracy is our goal.

Section 1: Customer/Item Information

  • Customer - Customer name, only used to display in the bottom total window.
  • Item - Item Number/Description, same as customer and only displayed in bottom window
  • Customer Supplied? - Y/N, For distributors use "Y" if we will be applying any decoration to your supplied items and "N" if not.
    • Example of "N" would be if you are purchasing Twill and a sew disk, we are not embroidering the twill onto your garments.
  • Quantity - how many items are in the order
  • Price Each - if we are supplying the items, this is the price.
    • use pricing for sizes S-XL or OSFA; calculations are made for 2X-6X and displayed at the bottom on the screen
  • Price Code - Price code from the catalog. Use "A" or "P" if unknown.

Section 2: Embroidery

  • Quantity - number of locations of embroidery that fit within a 4" square that will be on a single item
  • Large Logos - number of locations of embroidery that are larger than 4" square on a single item. This would be used for a large word on the back of a shirt or a larger than normal logo. Can also be used for jacket back designs that come in at less than 30,000 stitches.
  • Large Logos over 30,000 - number of really stitch intense or large designs per garment. Primarily used for full stitch jacket backs.
  • Personalize - put in the number of locations that a name or personalization will be put on the item. Used for names, titles, etc... Use personalization whenever a stock font is selected by the customer and the wording will fit into a 4" square.
    • Note on personalization: Quantity discounts do not apply because each name would need to be created individually. If the same name is going on 20 garments, use the Quantity field above instead as it will be more cost effective for the customer.
  • Larger Personalization - Larger means greater than 4" square. Primarily on blankets or shirt backs.
  • Digitizing - If we need to digitize the logo, put in the approximate number of stitches. Digitizing is always billed at acutal number of stitches at $10/1000 stitches; minimum $40; maximum $200.
  • Stock Designs - put in the number of stock designs we need to purchase from our books. We use OESD and Floriani designs. Stock designs are $12.00 each.
  • Customize Stock Designs - this allows customers to create a logo at a great discount, use a stock design and add some wording with the company name and tagline and a logo is created. Addition of wording is $3.00.

Section 3: Twill

  • Name/Logo - Used for team names or team logos, something that will be across a number of jerseys. This total is subject to quantity discounts so should be used if something is the same on every team member's shirt. [see below for the three entry field definitions]
  • Sleeve # (2) - Used for sleeve numbers; always will be multiplied by two so one for each sleeve. Because numbers are individual, the pricing is not subject to quantity discounts. [see below for the three entry field definitions]
  • Front # - Used if there is a number on the lower left front or other space on the jersey. Use only for numbers up to 9 inches tall, use BACK # for numbers over 9" tall. Because numbers are individual, the pricing is not subject to quantity discounts. [see below for the three entry field definitions]
  • Back Name - Used for the name of the player. Because names are individual, the pricing is not subject to quantity discounts. [see below for the three entry field definitions]
  • Back # - Use for the BIG number on the back or any number more than 9" tall. Because numbers are individual, the pricing is not subject to quantity discounts. [see below for the three entry field definitions]
  • Other - For anything else in twill that may not be covered, such as the "C" for Captain. This total is subject to quantity discounts so should be used if something is the same on every team member's shirt. [see below for the three entry field definitions]
  • Height in Inches - Put in the height of the name, logo, or number here.
    • For ARCHED names, please add 2" to the letter height to accomodate the arch
  • Z-Zig Zag S-Satin - Put in Z for Zig-Zag around lettering or S for Satin stiching around lettering.
    • Also for distributors, use "N" for No stitching. Billing will work as follows: you will be charged for the appropriate stitching for ONE garment Satin or Zig Zag-whichever applies, that is the price for sew disk and we will supply that in DST format unless other format is requested. The remaining quantity will be charged only for the cutting of the twill which you can view the pricing for by placing an "N" into the Zig Zag/Satin box.
    • No need for the sew disk, simply type N, we can supply you a DXF,CDR, or AI file from our cut for you to create your own at no charge.
  • # of Colors - Number of colors of twill to use, we always kiss-cut with a laser an presure sensitive twill so the whole layout is already together and easy to place

Section 4: Garment Printing Transfers, DTG, and Thermofilm

  • Full Color - Direct To Garment Printing. Can only be done on whites/lights as there is no white ink option.
    • Full 1 side - enter a 1 here for full front or full back only
    • Left Chest - enter the number of left-chest sized locations, example left chest and single sleeve = 2
    • Full 2 sides - enter a 1 here if you wish to have full front and full back. Also use this option for left chest and full back because it will save the customer money.
  • Thermofilm - For thermofilm applications, use the total number of vertical inches of thermofilm needed.
    • Thermofilm is a non-directional material, if a word is 12" tall and 3" wide, only 3" of thermofilm is needed.
    • Multi-color applications - please add the total of all colors. a 8" logo in one color with a 3" wording below in a second color would be 11". For a 8" logo of two colors throughout, 16" of material will be needed.
  • Screen Printing
    • # of colors - Enter the number of colors in the design
      • Maximum 7 unique colors per location can be printed
      • Minimum item quantity is 15, if less than 15 then price will be very high because 15 imprints need to be charged for.
    • Screen: # of locations - Enter the number of locations the design will be on the garment
      • Multiple locations with different quantities of colors: the calculation is # of colors times # of locations, if there is an odd number adjust the number of colors and leave # of locations as 1. Example: 2 color back and 1 color front: use 3 colors and 1 location.
    • Darks - "Y" if the imprint will be on dark fabrics. Dark fabrics require a white underlay or 2nd imprint of each color. Price is 1.5 times imprints on light fabrics.

Section 5: Laser Engraving, Pad Printing, and Other

  • Laser Engraving Height - Enter the height of the engraving per item
  • Laser Engraving Width - Enter the width of the engraving per item. Total is height + width.
  • Color Fill Y/N - If color filling is required, enter "Y", otherwise "N"
  • Stainless Y/N - If engraving on stainless steel an oxidizing compound is required. This leaves a deep charcoal (very near black) imprint on the stainless steel with engraved.
  • Pad Printing - Enter the number of impressions per item; all two color imprints must be pre-approved before quoting to ensure registration can be maintained.
  • Gold/Silver/PMS Match - If metallic ink or exact PMS match is required please enter "Y" here. PMS matches are matched to coated colors.
  • Golf Ball/Walnut - If the item is either a golf ball or a walnut (or a ping pong ball), please enter "Y" here. These are a specialty and an additional discount applies.
  • Exact Repeat - Enter "Y" if this is an exact repeat of a previous job, setup is less on repeats since we keep plates, jigs and other job related information on file.
  • Other Charges per item - If there are any additional charges per item that were negotiated, you can enter them here so they show in the final totals.
    • Example might be removal of previous embroidery or creating and then re-stitching an access point for embroidery.
  • Other Charges setup - This would be used if a one-time charge for something is negotiated.
    • Example: if a specialty jig needs to be purchased for a laser engraving job and the customer agrees to the purchase.

Section 6: Shipping, Tax, Distributor, and Commission

  • Shipping - Y/N if to be shipped. Shipping is always billed at actual carrier quotes and is not a profit center item. Estimated shipping is based on a percentage of the total for quoting purposes
  • Tax Rate - Items picked up at the store are 5% by default
    • For distributors with a tax id on file, please change to 0%
    • For other counties in Wisconsin please use appropriate county sales tax rate.
  • Distributor - As a distributor you will have a rate you can fill in. When you replace the 100% with your rate, your pricing will appear.
  • Commission - Commissioned Sales personel of Leave Me In Stitches can enter thier current commission rate in here to see what the commission will be for this order.
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